MK: translations is not just a translation agency

MK: translations is not just a translation agency but a provider of new opportunities for your business in 58 languages. We are more than a translation agency, and offer language support for business and blogs. We are not a simple translation agency. We understand your goals and how to fulfill them: - we provide a quote based on individual approach; - we estimate translations by the number of words, not characters, thus you do not overpay; - we meet deadlines, no matter what; - we are available 24/7. We know the power of words and what effect they may have on your career and even future of the brand. No one-size-fits-all translation. Only client-centered service. Наши услуги We provide the following services: - localization of websites, software, apps and computer games; - audio and video translation, voice-over; - subtitling; - medical, technical, legal, cryptocurrency and other complex types of translation; - notary translation; - consecutive and simultaneous interpreting; - round-the-clock website language support (technical support, chat and call center operators, etc.);

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