ИЩЕМ! Cервис специалист/( HVAC duct, dryer vent and chimey cleaning Technician)

В сервисную (HVAC duct, dryer vent and chimney cleaning & service) компанию ТРЕБУЮТСЯ: сотрудники для работы в офисе и на объектах : * профессиональный сервис специалист ( Lead tech. HVAC duct cleaning ) - $1500 - $2500 в неделю * сервис специалист ( HVAC duct, dryer vent and chimey cleaning Technician) - $1000 - $2000 в неделю ПОСТОЯННАЯ РАБОТА только на долговременную основу пожалуйста. ВЫСОКАЯ ОПЛАТА. Опыт не в HVAC air duct cleaning не обязателен. ОБУЧАЕМ. Контактный телефон : (609) 289-2220 Job Description Duct Cleaning Technicians are responsible for cleaning HVAC systems including dryer vents in residential and commercial buildings while training and developing new duct cleaners. Air Duct Cleaning Technicians must be able to analyze each unique HVAC system to determine the best approach to maximize cleaning effectiveness. With on-site training Duct Cleaning Technicians will be skilled in the technical cleaning aspects of the process, and will be able to effectively communicate the cleaning process, as well as be able to promote other services offered by A Plus Air Inc. for additional earning potential. TRAINING WILL BE PROVIDED! REQUIRED SKILLS: * Good Driving Record * Must remain informed of current industry knowledge * Must have general knowledge of residential air duct structures and how they relate with heating/AC systems * Ability to develop and maintain positive relations with customers and fellow associates * Must possess good verbal and written communication skills * Interpersonal and customer service skills * Must frequently lift and/or move fifty pounds or greater * Ability to use power tools and climb ladders * Ability to work in tight spaces including crawl spaces and attics * Must be able to lift, carry and pull equipment 609-289-2220

230 Thomas Ave N, Lawnside NJ